Southern Maine Kitesurf Lessons

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I didn’t take up kitesurfing until my late 30’s – don’t ask how long ago that was! My kids were a  lot smarter than me and they took to the waves while still in diapers. I’m so proud of them!

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Become a Good Kitesurfer

Safety First
Do not let go of your board; it is a danger to others.

Paddling Out

When paddling out, go around the break not through it. Stay clear of kite surfers on the wave. If caught inside take the white water hit.

Right ofWay

Kitesurfer closest to the breaking wave has possession.“ Orange” may not drop in.


Both surf vehicles may surf from one peak if they go in opposite directions. Communicate your direction.

Do Not “Snake”

Never cut in front of another surfer and take
possession of the wave.

Surf Your Ability

No big waves until you are ready. Observe Phuket kitesurfing lessons conditions and line up and determine your place according to your ability.

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